Where to find the best CBD Shop in Ghent ?

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The city

Ghent , a historic city in the Flemish region of Belgium, charms with its canals, medieval buildings and lively atmosphere. The castle of the Counts of Flanders recalls its medieval past, while emblematic towers like the Belfry dominate the panorama. Ghent University and the Mystic Lamb altarpiece by Jan van Eyck illustrate its academic and artistic heritage. Its culinary scene, with its mussels, fries and Belgian chocolates, attracts gourmets. Ghent , with its bustling markets and festivals, is a top destination for history, culture and food enthusiasts in Belgium.

What are the must-see sites to explore in Ghent ?

      • The Castle of the Counts of Flanders
      • Saint Bavo Cathedral
      • The Belfry of Ghent
      • Le Gravensteen
      • The Patershol District
      • The Old Grain Market
      • The Quays of the Scheldt
      • Beaux-arts museum

What events should you go to in Ghent ?

      • Festival of Light (January)
      • Ghent Floralies (April)
      • Gent Jazz Festival (July)
      • Ghent Festivals (July)
      • Heritage Festival (September)
      • Ghent Film Festival (October)
      • Ghent Winter Festival (December)
Gand Château Comtes de Flandre

Which places have the best CBD Shop in Ghent ?

Thanks to the legalization of CBD and the rapid growth of the market, the demand continues to increase. CBD has become popular for its soothing properties, attracting many consumers looking for natural solutions. This trend has led to the emergence of many CBD shops and specialized boutiques.

De Groene Piraat, located at Kuiperskaai 35 in Ghent , is a CBD Shop that mainly focuses on products derived from flower cultivation and accessories for smokers. However, the store also offers a selection of flowers, CBD oils and extracts, all of good quality. Whether for flower lovers or those preferring other forms of consumption, De Groene Piraat offers a variety of options to suit everyone's needs. In addition, the store offers convenient services such as delivery and in-store pickup, ensuring a flexible and accessible shopping experience for its customers.

Another address and not the least, the CBD Shop Zalig located at Nederkouter 53, 9000 Ghent . Due to the quality of its products, Zalig is the number one store in Belgium. Its wide choice of products ranging from CBD oils, cosmetics and e-liquids to everything necessary for growing your flowers and smoking accessories, the choice offered is immense. You will inevitably find what you are looking for either directly in the store or by going to their site.

In Ghent , the Patershol, Sint-Pieters, and Ledeberg districts offer various CBD purchasing options for enthusiasts, ranging from quaint alternative shops to younger areas near the university and main shopping streets.

Gand Cathédrale Saint Bavon

Fast delivery of CBD in Ghent

Take advantage of the richness of our products presented on our site and benefit from fast delivery to your door as well as to a relay point in Ghent .

What are the most recommended wellness establishments in Ghent ?

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Where to find the best yoga classes offered in Ghent ?

Yoga, an ancient practice, combines physical postures, breathing and meditation to promote health and well-being. Its many benefits include reducing stress, improving flexibility and muscle strength, and promoting relaxation and mental clarity. Today, yoga is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in helping to overcome the challenges of modern life, such as stress, anxiety, and body pain. Its appeal is reinforced by scientific research that confirms its benefits for physical and mental health. As a holistic practice, yoga still attracts a wide range of people interested in improving their overall well-being, regardless of age group or background.

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