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The city

Groningen is a bustling city in the north of the Netherlands, known for its vibrant student atmosphere and rich history. Among its most iconic monuments is the Martinitoren, an imposing medieval tower that offers panoramic views of the city from its top. The Martinikerk Church, adjacent to the tower, is also a notable site with its Gothic architecture and historic stained glass windows. The Grote Markt market square is the historic heart of the city, surrounded by picturesque buildings and lively café terraces. Groningen is also home to the Groninger Museum, a contemporary art and design museum famous for its bold architecture. All in all, Groningen offers a captivating blend of historical heritage, modern art and a lively urban atmosphere.

What places are worth visiting in Groningen ?

      • La Martini Tower
      • The Grote Markt market square
      • Le Groninger Museum
      • Le quartier de Noorderplantsoen
      • Martinikerk Church
      • Groningen University Museum
      • The district of the Folkingestraat
      • City Park

What are the events worth noting in Groningen ?

      • Festival Eurosonic Noorderslag (Janvier)
      • Fête du Roi (King's Day) (Avril)
      • White Night Festival (May)
      • Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (Août)
      • Groningen Museum Night (September)
      • Groningen Jazz Festival (October)
      • Groningen Film Festival (November)
Groningue Martinitoren

Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Groningen ?

The growing popularity of CBD following its legalization and rapid market expansion demonstrates sustained demand for this natural product. Appreciated for its various therapeutic virtues, CBD is attracting more and more consumers looking for natural solutions to relieve various ailments. This trend has given rise to the emergence of numerous CBD shops and specialized boutiques, offering a wide range of CBD products to meet everyone's varied needs.

In Groningen, although many stores and coffee shops sell cannabis and cannabis products, CBD Winkel, located at Nieuwe Boteringestraat 41, 9712 PH, specializes in CBD products. There you will find a wide assortment of oils, teas and candies. In addition to in-store sales, CBD Winkel also offers the possibility of in-store collection or delivery. Their website also offers informative articles about CBD, its uses, and everything there is to know about it, providing a comprehensive resource for those interested in CBD products.

In Groningen, you can buy CBD in several areas of the city. Downtown is a popular location where you can find several specialty shops offering a variety of CBD products. Surrounding neighborhoods such as Helpman and Korrewegwijk are also known for their CBD options. Additionally, establishments in districts like Paddepoel and Zernike also offer opportunities for purchasing CBD.

Groningue Quartier Folkingestraat

Fast delivery of CBD in Groningen

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What are the most famous wellness places in Groningen ?

Over the years, wellness has become a growing global concern, a trend that can also be found in the city of Groningen . The latter abounds in a multitude of establishments offering a variety of services focused on health and well-being, thus offering a diversity of options to meet the varied needs of its population. From spas and fitness centers to organic restaurants and fresh produce markets, Groningen features many initiatives aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle. This trend reflects a population increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of their body and mind, thus adopting lifestyle habits oriented towards well-being and sustainability.

If you live in Groningen or are just passing through, here are the city's three favorite places where you can relax. However, Groningen also offers a wealth of spas and wellness institutes to explore.

Where can you find the best yoga instructors in Groningen ?

Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India that has firmly established itself as a crucial part of modern wellness. Renowned for its numerous physical and mental benefits, yoga is widely adopted by those seeking relaxation and relief from accumulated daily stress. Through its asanas, breathing techniques and meditative practices, yoga offers an effective approach to gently strengthen the body. It also helps calm the mind and cultivate a state of inner peace. Nowadays, a variety of yoga studios and classes are available in town. This increased accessibility allows a wide range of people to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this ancestral practice.

Find below the best yoga classes according to customers and come and enjoy a relaxing moment too. You can also find other good addresses by exploring the city.

      • Yoga 050 (Taco Mesdagstraat 12, 9718 KL Groningen)
      • Bhumi Yoga (Oosterhamriklaan 261a, 9715 SM Groningen)
      • OpenYoga (Zuiderkerkstraat 10, 9712 PZ Groningen)

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