What are the best CBD Shops in Rennes?

Best CBD Shop in Rennes

The city

Rennes is a city located in the northwest of France, in Upper Brittany. Renowned for its quality of life, its cultural richness as well as the diversity of its heritage, the city of Rennes is ranked 1st French city in Europe for its good living. First nicknamed the “city of the Redons” for its people who bore the same name, it then bore the nickname “red city” because of the color of the bricks used in the construction of its buildings. Thanks to the conservation of its medieval but also classical heritage, the city has been labeled a city of art and history, with 90 of its buildings protected as historic monuments.

What can you visit in Rennes?

      • Saint-Pierre Cathedral
      • The Place des Lices
      • Thabor Park and Gardens
      • Jacobin Convent
      • The Mordelaise Gates
      • The Rennes Museum of Fine Arts

What events in Rennes?

      • Quai des Bulles Festival (October)
      • Les Trans Musicales de Rennes (December)
      • Independent Winegrowers Wine Show (January)
      • International Tourism Fair (February)
      • Rennes International Fair (March)
      • Mythos Festival (April)
      • Brittany Day (May)
      • Brest maritime festivals (July)
Rennes Cathédrale Saint Pierre

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (better known by its abbreviation CBD) is an active molecule naturally present in large quantities in the hemp plant. This itself contains more than 60 cannabinoids including THC. The THC molecule is known for its psychoactive effects which disrupt our nervous system which gives the feeling of being stoned. On the contrary, CBD will regulate and soothe the body's nervous system and will not provide any psychoactive effects.

CBD was legalized in 2020 by the European Commission. Its numerous benefits for our body have been demonstrated thanks to various scientific studies carried out over several years. Thus, a large number of CBD-based products have been developed and CBD Shops have emerged throughout France but also throughout the European Union.

Where are the best CBD Shop in Rennes to buy quality CBD at the right price?

Due to increased demand, many CBD shops have set up in the streets of Rennes . However, only a few of them have established themselves as market leaders in the sale of CBD and derivative products in the city. At the top of the list is the CD D'eau boutique, located on avenue Aristide Briand, with a wide choice of products. You will also find the High Society boutique which is already enjoying great success in many cities in France. Located rue du Puits Mauger, near the square du Pré Perché and the Antoinette Caillot passage, the expertise of this store will allow you to find the product(s) that will meet your needs.

There are also many other shops offering very good products all over the streets of Rennes . Meet at rue Poullain Duparc, rue de Dinan, near Square Claude Ligot and in many other streets.

Rennes Halles Martenot

Fast delivery of CBD in Rennes

We offer rapid delivery of our products to your home or to a relay point in Rennes . Come and discover our many ranges of products and have them delivered within 48 hours.

What are the best wellness salons in Rennes?

Why not take a break, relax and treat yourself? Here are some of the best wellness establishments in Rennes

What are the best Yoga classes in Rennes?

Yoga has many benefits for both the body and the mind. It soothes, relaxes and contributes to our well-being.

Here is a selection of the best rated Yoga classes in Rennes :

Where are the best CBD Shops in other major French cities?

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What are the places you should not miss under any circumstances? Where to find the best Wellness institutes? The right places to buy quality CBD? Is there a great Yoga class near you? Relax, we've done the investigation for you.

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