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Huile CBD Full Spectrum HexaPURE, MCT Bio, 40% / 4000mg

  • CBD Spectre Complet (Full Spectrum)
  • Concentration : 4000mg (40%)
  • Carrier oil: Organic MCT Oil (French AB Label)
  • 10ml bottle - therefore approximately 200 drops
  • Made in France in an approved laboratory

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Huile CBD Full Spectrum HexaPURE, MCT Bio, 40% / 4000mg

Organic CBD oil 100% made in France from quality cold-extracted CBD distillate and cold-extracted MCT (French AB Label) oil. The pipette bottle contains 4000mg of CBD for a capacity of 10ml, therefore approximately 200 drops.

This Full Spectrum organic CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids present in hemp so you benefit from the entourage effect which allows better assimilation of CBD in the body.

The concentration of 40% is suitable for a public accustomed to consuming CBD oil and who therefore want a concentrated and effective product.


Huile CBD Full Spectrum HexaPURE, MCT Bio, 40% / 4000mg

  • CBD Full Spectrum (Full Spectrum) natural hemp extract
  • Cold extracted organic MCT oil
  • No GMO, no additives or preservatives

Top quality organic CBD oil made in France, then certified in an independent and GMP approved laboratory. Finally, you will find the certificate of analysis for this product among the photos on this page.


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4690 4990