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In this high-end full spectrum organic hemp oil, the exceptional and qualitative aromas of hemp oil will surprise you with a faithful resemblance to the original flower. It is a full spectrum oil, it comes from the complete extraction of the plant, using all parts of hemp. 
CBD is combined with CBG for optimal efficiency and maximum relaxation. According to the most recent studies, the mixture of molecules would also have anxiolytic properties, to prevent anxiety attacks and relieve the symptoms of anxiety. 
The large 30ml bottle contains approximately 600 drops. With premium oils, you'll get quick satisfaction and unparalleled flavor.

We recommend this CBD oil for people who wish to consume an organic, natural and quality CBD Oil. The 10% and 20% concentrations are suitable for a wide audience.

Packs of 2 bottles are also available to save money.
Product information:
- 30ml bottle - about 600 drops
- 2 Concentrations CBD disponibles : 3000mg (10%) ou 6000mg (20%)
- Taste: Hemp
- Carrier Oil: Organic Hemp Oil
- Spectre Complet (Full Spectrum)

Take advantage of the set of two bottles to save money.


- Organic hemp oil
- CBD Spectre Complet (Full Spectrum).
- No GMOs, no additives or preservatives

Certification :
Manufactured and certified in France in an approved laboratory.
The certificate of analysis for this product conducted by a certified European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.
CBN, CBG & CBD Full Spectrum Organic Oil 10% or 20% / 3000mg or 6000mg (30ml)
5490 5900