1190 2100


White Widow CBG flowers.   
Cultivation method
Cultivation carried out in Italy indoors. Hand harvested. 
Indica dominant hybrid. 
CBG : 10,69%
THC : 0,11%.
Product grown in the EU and certified in a GMP approved laboratory. The certificate of analysis of this product carried out by a certified and independent European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.
100% legal product in the European Union. This variety is a hybrid resulting from varieties authorized in the European catalog. 
*Non-contractual photos, taken by us and from harvests currently on sale*


- Earth
- Pin
- Exotic fruits


- Relaxant
- Soothing
- Welfare 


White Widow is one of the most well-known and popular strains among enthusiasts. Its origins full of mysteries and legends contribute to cultivate the success of this powerful hybrid which would come from natural strains of Indian (Sativa/Indica male) and Brazilian (Sativa female) origins. Appearing for the first time in Holland in the mid-90s and democratized by the famous Green House Seed Company, the White Widow takes its name from its dress characterized by its bright white trichomes. 
Rich in cannabidiol, these small cannabinoid-storing vesicles produce a large volume of resin and contribute to the popularity of this strain. Its floral flavors nuanced with light resinous and spicy notes and hints of acidity evoke citrus fruits and in particular lemon, scents found in many strains of cannabis. The White Widow strain has an ideal Sativa/Indica balance, encouraging energy boost and creativity. Its unusual genetics give it a very special physical appearance with its large, round, dark green flowers. Hardy and easy to grow thanks to her natural genetics, White Widow's plants are relatively low and bushy. Rather than growing tall, they prefer to bush and spread widthwise. 


White Widow CBG (Indoor) - CBG 10,7%
1190 2100