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Resin CBD AND Pollen 24%

  • Made from 100% natural flower pollen, Indoor
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Flavors: Sweet, Spicy, Roasted
  • CBD 24%
  • Soft texture, pleasant to crumble

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Resin CBD AND Pollen 24%

This OG Pollen resin is indirectly related to two well-known CBD flower varieties: OG Kush and AK-47. It should be noted that these are not identical finished products, as this hashish is the result of extracting pollen from the cannabis plant, while the flower is harvested directly from the plant by hand.

This resin has a soft, fatty texture without being oily. It can recall the texture of Moroccan resins, easy to dose and crumble.

Its high CBD content guarantees almost instant relaxation for long hours. It would also have virtues for improving the quality of sleep.

Manufacturing method
Cultivation carried out in Switzerland indoors (Indoor). Pollen obtained through a sieving process then pressed by machine.


  • CBD : 24,53%
  • THC : 0,29%

Flowers grown and processed in Switzerland, then certified in an independent and GMP approved laboratory. Find the certificate of analysis among the photos displayed on this page.

Product 100% legal throughout the European Union. The European catalog lists this variety of resin among the authorized varieties.

*Non-contractual photos, taken by us and from the harvests currently on sale*


Resin CBD AND Pollen 24%

  • Sugar
  • Spicy
  • Roasted


Resin CBD AND Pollen 24%

  • Relaxant
  • Sleep
  • Appetite


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OG Pollen CBD Resin 24%
1380 2000