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These CBD gummies Night Dream, made in France come from a subtle blend of Melatonin and CBD with a delicate violet flavor. They are intended for those who encounter difficulties related to sleep or who wish to ensure restful sleep as well as beautiful dreams.
The combination of CBD, whose best known virtue is that of soothing, and melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, would considerably improve the quality of your night by making it easier to fall asleep.
Product information:
- Capacity: 15 Gummies per box / 40mg per gummy.
- CBD Isolat / THC 0%.
- Enrichie and Melatonin.
- Violet taste.
- Effective for better sleep.
- Made in France.
Usage tips :
- Take a gummy in the morning at the end of the day and another when you need a boost.
Take advantage of the set of two boxes to save money.


- Sugar, glucose, water, pectin, citric acid, CBD isolate, melatonin, food flavorings.


Product made in France in an approved laboratory.
15 CBD Gummies for Sleep, Night Dream, 600mg (THC Free), Vegan
1990 2190