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These CBD Gummies "Every-Day" made in France combine CBD with Vitamin C.
Starting the day with an "Every-Day" CBD gum is to ensure full of vitality!
The combination of CBD, with antioxidant properties, and vitamin C will adapt to the pace of life of the most active to bring a real boost and allow you to stay in shape and relaxed throughout the day.
Product information:
- Capacity: 15 Gummies per box / 40mg per gummy.
- CBD Isolat / THC 0%.
- Enriched with Vitamin C.
- Citrus taste.
- Reduces stress and anxiety, improves vitality.
- Made in France.
Usage tips :
- Take a gummy in the morning to start the day well and another when you need a boost.
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- CBD (Isolate), Vitamin C, Sugar, glucose, water, pectin, citric acid, food flavorings.


Product made in France in an approved laboratory.
15 Vitality CBD Gummies, Every-Day, 600mg (THC Free) Vegan
1990 2190